Financial Strategies: Tips and techniques for business finances

We all know that business is a tough game. You have to make enough money to keep the lights on and pay the bills, but not so much that you’re going out of business. It can seem difficult at times, but there are strategies for managing your finances as a small business owner that will help you stay afloat! In this blog post, we’ll talk about three things: how to reduce expenses without sacrificing quality or customer service; how to save money with cash flow management; and what tax deductions are available for small businesses.


The easiest way to cut costs is by trimming the fat from your monthly expenditures. Look at all of those little bills and see if there’s anything extraneous–streamline whatever isn’t absolutely necessary until it is. The second option is to increase your prices, but this should be done very carefully so as not to impact sales or turn customers off. If you have employees, look at the benefits package and see if there are any unnecessary expenses that can be eliminated (for example, office space for a manager who doesn’t need it).

Save Money with Cash Flow Management

You know cash flow management is important; hopefully, you already keep tabs on all of your incoming and outgoing funds! But how many businesses actually put an effective plan in place? Most small business owners will make enough money one month to cover their costs like rent and utilities, but then they go out of business because they aren’t able to pay those same bills two months later. That’s because they aren’t planning for the future. Cash flow management is about forecasting your incoming and outgoing funds so that you can have enough money to pay all of those bills and keep the lights on (and still make a profit).

Tax Deductions

The trick with tax deductions is knowing what you are allowed to deduct, how much you should be able to claim as expenses, and understanding which form needs to be filled out at tax time. There are tons of little things like printing business cards or hosting an event where customers come into the store; these can really add up. Make sure that everything falls within IRS guidelines!

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